10-Player Handheld Quiz Game Buzzer System with 10ft cables for WINDOWS (Mac version available – see separate listing)

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This Affordable Buzzers™ 10-Player system comes with ten POWER GRIP™ handheld buzzers with 10ft. cables and is ready to go! It’s a party in a box just waiting for you to fire up our free Easy Quiz™ software or your own compatible software such as ‘Game Show Presenter™’ for the ultimate quiz game experience. Any quiz game software that accepts numeric key input for player response will work with our system. · Our reliable interface box connects to your computer with the included USB cable providing maximum compatibility with both your computer hardware and quiz game software. The RCA phono jacks used for the game buzzer connections are the most rugged style available and are time tested for years of reliable service. The USB interface works with your WINDOWS computer – no drivers or external power source needed. (MAC version available – see separate listing.) · Our durable POWER GRIP™ handheld buzzers are designed to withstand rough use from excited players! Detachable 10ft. cables make setup and storage quick and easy. · Free Easy Quiz™ buzzer lock-out software works with both Windows and Mac to facilitate verbal quizzes so you can use your system right out of the box with any trivia book or your own list of quiz questions. With Easy Quiz™ and your computer you will enter player names so the name of the first player to ‘Buzz-In’ can be displayed. A correct answer yields a cheerful ‘Right’ screen and ‘Ding’ sound, while a wrong answer yields the dreaded ‘Wrong!’ screen and ‘Buzz!’ sound. Each player’s buzzer plays a different sound through your computer. All sounds and screens can be customized. Player scores are automatically calculated by the software. · FREE Carry Sack provides plenty of room to store and transport your buzzer lock-out system. · Easy Quiz™ video demos, free software download and PDF User Guide are available at



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