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Product Description You’re the commander of the fleet when you play Battleship. This strategy game is lots of fun—no wonder it’s a classic! It’s easily portable, too: each player’s game board and pieces fold up in a plastic carrying case. Includes 2 fold-up game units, 168 white pegs, 84 red pegs, 10 plastic ships and instructions in English and Spanish. For 2 players, ages 7 and up. From Milton Bradley. Made in USA. Battleship captains plot their strategies, send out torpedoes, and as the last ship (often the smallest, two-peg patrol boat) hides in an unsuspected corner, anticipation mounts. Like many classic games, Battleship walks a fine line between strategy and luck. The goal is to conceal the location of your ships while finding and destroying your enemies’ fighters. The playing arena is a notebook-size plastic board updated for ’90s sensibilities: the ‘floor’ of the board is printed with waves and the exterior vaguely resembles a laptop. The design mimics the view a submarine captain would have, complete with a glimmer of radar waves. The game is perfect entertainment to share: simple enough for children, yet gratifying enough for adults to enjoy. One design decision keeps this edition from being truly stellar: the playing boards don’t lock securely, allowing the small pegs to fall out and spill from the sides if jostled. –Jennifer Buckendorff See all Product description



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