Blurt! The Websters Game of Word Racing!

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Product Description This raucous game keeps everyone on their toes by challenging them to blurt out words as fast as they can. Blurt!, the Webster’s game of word racing, provides brief definitions, while the players provide the words. Think fast! What’s the word for the last car on the train? Caboose! Whoever blurts out the answer first gets a move on the game board. A hilarious party game for adults, Blurt! is also a great vocabulary-builder for kids. The 1,200-word set includes a 250-word complete junior version for kids ages 7 to 9 with definitions from the kids’ dictionary. For 3 or more players, age 10 and up. Made in USA. Think fast! What word means ‘wet, soft dirt’? Be the first to say ‘mud’ and you are well on your way to mastering this high-energy family game. Blurt is a word racing game based on Webster’s II Riverside Children’s Dictionary. Providing the correct answer to one of Blurt’s definitions before any of your opponents do earns you the right to move your piece forward on the board. The first player to return to start after circling the board wins the game. A game of Blurt is sure to be loud and spirited, especially with a larger group. The regular rules of play are appropriate for ages 10 and older, and there is a junior version so kids as young as 7 can join in the fun. –Lisa Whipple See all Product description



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