Bop It! Smash (colors may vary)

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Product description Smashingly awesome game challenges you to keep up with the flashing Bop it lights. Master three fantastic ways to play. Trap and play with light. A quick reaction skill game that tests your reflexes New Bop it smash is the fact action game to test your competitive nature From the Manufacturer Have a blast with the all-new Bop It® Smash game! The fast-flashing lights bolt from side to side challenging you to time it right and smash the light in one of the 3 Zone spaces to score. Play solo or challenge your friends. Go for the high score in the SOLO game. The quicker your reflexes, the higher you’ll score. Pass on the fun to your friends and see who can last the longest in PASS IT mode! Multiplayer mode lets up to 6 players get in on the fast-smashin’ action to see who can reach the highest level! No assembly! Just pick it up and play. Try it once and you’ll be hooked! The hardest part is putting it down.



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