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Product Description Bop It XT With its nonstop action, the BOP-IT XT game will challenge you to Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! Spin it! Flick it! and Shake it! The BOP IT XT game will command you to do six actions in random order! Respond as quickly as you can to score points. Score 100 points to unlock more challenging levels for even more fun! For each correct reponse BOP IT XT will answer with a sound and another command. But if you’re not quick enough, or if you respond incorrectly–you’re out! It’s that simple…or is it… Try it and see! Play solo or with friends. The BOP-IT XT game offers four levels of difficulty and different settings for solo or group play. BOP-IT XT At a Glance: Age/Weight Requirements: 8 years and up Assembly Requirements: 3 AAA batteries (included) Designed to be shaken, twisted, and pulled, BOP-IT XT keeps kids in the middle of the action. View larger. Game Offers Fast-Paced Play Colorful knobs, handles, and buttons take center stage in this well-designed game from Hasbro. Designed to be shaken, twisted, and pulled, BOP-IT XT keeps kids in the middle of the action, trying to react to the commands as fast as possible. Fun music and irreverent commands make the BOP-IT XT game interactive while keeping the play lighthearted and fun. The BOP-IT XT game comes with three volume options and a headphone jack, allowing for quiet play. Settings Allow for Group or Solo Play A variety of settings allow your child to play alone, with a friend, or in groups. For example, when in party mode, any time a body part is called out, the ‘BOP IT!’ button has to be hit with that part of the body. BOP-IT XT also offers novice, expert, master, and pro levels, making it fun for children of different ages and abilities. The ‘SHAKE IT!’ feature can be turned on or off, adding to the difficulty. Players are allowed to advance to the next level only after they complete 100 correct consecutive commands, keeping them motivated and challenged. Builds Concentration and Memory The BOP-IT XT game provides a fun way for kids to build their concentration and memory. The fast-paced commands require quick reaction times and a high level of coordination, keeping players active and engaged. What’s in the Box BOP-IT XT game and instructions. See all Product description



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