Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Movin Monkeys Building Set, 103 Pieces

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Product Description Get your little engineer’s creativity flowing and send these monkeys swinging through a jungle of gears. This jungle-themed construction set features palm-tree tops, gears, crank, connectors, base plates and monkey figurines—103 pieces total. Kids can use the easy-to-follow building instructions or create their own gears jungle. A variation of the award-winning Gears! Gears! Gears! construction set, Movin’ Monkeys adds a jungle theme to the building fun. Kids can follow the instructions and turn this set into the scene pictured on the box or can use their imaginations to create their own jungle setup. Monkeys hang from their hands or tail on the palm trees, vine, or each other and can even move down the length of a spiral building piece when the gears turn. Newcomers to these gear-shaped blocks may need to refer to instructions the first time they play with this toy—especially for details on how the palm trees fit together. The manufacturer’s targeted beginning age is four years old, but we recommend starting at six after observing younger children having difficulty constructing the palm trees and inadvertently knocking them over. The 103 pieces include the building platform, gears, cranks, palm tree components, vines, and monkeys. –Cristina Vaamonde See all Product description



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